“Teddy arrived today and is now resting in his rocker after his long trip. He is beautiful, Martha, and I can’t thank you enough. My mother, I know, would have been very pleased.”
Patricia S.
“Teddy arrived yesterday and I was absolutely thrilled when I saw him! I don’t know how you managed to do this, but he actually feels softer than he did when I first purchased him…and he smells fresher, too! Thanks so very much for all your help.”
Deanna W.
“Thank you again for your work on my bear, he looks wonderful! I am so happy that I found you, apparently all is not wasted on internet searches!”
Trish G.
“My mum received her teddy bear yesterday for her birthday and was just overwhelmed with joy (many tears were shed). Thank you so much for your time and care for her Wobbly!”
Emily M.
“Thank you again for the work you did on my leopard, he looks amazing! You are so very talented!”
Rusty T.
“The 3 bears have arrived home looking stunning as always – the smaller apricot fellow so was so filthy and now he is actually a beautiful color! Everyone else looks terrific too.”
Susan M.
“I just had to share that my husband got his bear tonight – he had no idea I had him repaired. It was part of his birthday present. I told him, “Okay this is a gift of love.” Thought he’d dismiss it a little, men you know. But he was TOTALLY THRILLED! He took pictures of him and sent them to his mom!! It was so sweet! He declared that the bear stays in the house now. He kept saying you were a miracle worker. And you are. Thank you so much, Martha. Your work is wonderful.”
Carrie A.
“I am so very very pleased! Your painstaking work and thoughtfulness at every step is apparent immediately as I look at Gilbert “in person” once again. He is so clean, compared to his “state of fur” when he departed here — I’m just amazed the difference that that makes — but it’s not a difference which in any way diminishes his journey through life. It is a respectful cleaning, and that is a great factor…He is stronger, his head posture looks perfect. All in all, you really have my heartfelt thanks! Should I ever have the opportunity to recommend bear restoration with this skill in the future, to other collectors, you will be the very first person I name. Thank you, Martha, and continued success in your good works to come, and take care.”
Elizabeth C.
“We were away this weekend, and upon returning home my Zotty had arrived. When I opened the box and saw him I almost cried; he looks so wonderful! Thank you again for restoring him. He looks so much like he did 58 years ago when my husband, Chuck, sent him to me from Germany!”
Barbara H.